Dipped in pearls

Day 2 outfit


People generally use phrases like dipped in gold, for the fact that you can actually be dipped in gold (liquid state of gold peeps) but dipped in pearls is kinda strange don’t you think?
Well I love strange, so let’s get over it already shall we?

Pearl’s are generally associated with grandmother’s and old lady’s and I do not know why! For one, I heart pearls. Pearls are so feminine and classic. Pearls give a touch of romantic sophistication to any outfit. Adding a pearl necklace or earrings to any outfit makes it look polished within seconds. Just imagine what an outfit with pearls can do!

I always have been a lover of pearls . My dusty pink dress embroidered with pearls from my birthday two years back is one example of how much I love pearls. The idea behind my Day 2 outfit ( Day 1 outfit here) was romantic sophistication and I am a big fan of Summer Layering so it had to have elements of Layering.
If you follow me on instagram you must know that I rarely do an all black or a monochrome outfit as I am a lover of  colors but I stuck to black and white for this outfit. Me and mom designed and constructed a beautiful white Organza dress with pearls embroidered on it. Coming to the styling part I wanted the pearls to be the main focus of the outfit. I layered the midi dress with one of the favourite pieces in my wardrobe, a black pearl top. I paired the top with ruffle pants adding more of femininity to the outfit.

I used bows as the secondary element for the styling, I used a white satin ribbon and tied it up in a bow and it worked as a waist belt and I did the same with my low ponytail. My heels broke the monotony of black and white by adding bits of nude, and they too have the elements of bow and tie ups. Finally coming to accessories, I wore my grey pearl drop earrings and carried a purple pearl clutch for the much-needed pop of color.



Organza dress layered over black top : Adagio | Black pearl top : H&M | Black Ruffle Pants : Zara | Pearl earrings : Local Exhibiton | Purple Pearl Clutch : Gifted | Tie-up block heels : SammyDress
The outfit actually turned out how I had imagined it in my head and I loved it. Did you guys check out my day 1 outfit from AIFW SS18? 
Let me know which one is  your favourite?
Details of the next outfit go up on Friday. It is going to be a color attack. Catch a sneak peek of Day 4 outfit in my AIFW SS18 Vlog!
Until Next Time

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