Over the top with Denim

Over the top with Denim

choker and bag with denim jacket

Denim jacket and choker

denim on denim

Denim Jacket and skirt

Slogan bag and choker
off shoulder denim jacket

balayage hair and denim jacket

slogan bag

Crystal Choker : Avra Chic | Nope Slogan Bag : ANQI | Denim Jacket : Borrowed from sister | Frayed Denim Skirt : GAP

Whenever we think of denim causal dressing comes to our mind. Denim has become synonymous with causal dressing be it jeans or denim jackets.

I personally hate jeans (I am more of skirts and dresses girl) but on the other hand I absolutely love over-sized demin jackets. An over-sized denim jacket is a classic piece that you should invest in.
Denim on denim is one of my favourite trends for the sole reason that it’s a classic, trends come and trends go but denim on denim is timeless. Rihanna always pulls off denim on denim like such a pro that the likes of Kim K and Kylie have copied the exact same looks. I absolutely loved the off-shoulder denim jacket that Rihanna loved it.
To take my love for over-sized denim jacket to another level, I decided to do an over the top not-so-casual denim on denim look. I buttoned the last three buttons of the jacket and did an off-shoulder neck. I paired the jacket with my 10 year old frayed denim skirt. I incorporated statement pieces to make my look not so causal.
Needless to say, chokers have been the ‘it accessory’ this season. But we all have been sick of all the black leather or cloth chokers. Being a lover of embellishments this statement choker from Avra Chic made me go weak in the knees. Second statement piece that I used for this look was a slogan bag that said “Nope” from my favourite bag label ANQI. You already know my love for her bags.
All I needed was a pair of black boots and a pop of red on my lips and voila! Not so casual denim on denim for the win.
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