Glam up your Dungarees

Street Buy : Denim Dungarees

***Oh you got it from a flea market?
Do you get good quality clothes in flea markets?***

***You know I just wear branded clothes, they have all the latest trends!***

Well these are the conversations that I have had with some people (really makes me laugh). These “self-proclaimed” fashion enthusiasts often ask me such questions and I am like beh I don’t even want to reply to that!












Denim Dungaress : Sarojini Nagar | Fur Sweater : Sarojini Nagar | Necklaces : Forever21 | Sunglasses : Dulce couture | Heels : Zara | Septum Cuff : Local Market | Holographic Clutch : DIY

Just because you have bought something off the streets does not mean you are less fashionable.

According to me fashion is about all style and not what brands you wear. Delhi is a heaven for street shoppers. It has amazing flea markets. If you are a silver jewelry hoarder like me, Janpath is the place for you and while in Janpath how can you miss the Gujrati Lane that houses hidden treasures? (read beautiful tribal silver accessories). Paharganj is not the market that many people visit, but its a paradise. You can buy leather brogues for INR 250 and pointing crystal pendants for INR 50 each (not even kidding). Check out the guide to shopping in Paharganj here.

Finally coming to Sarojini Nagar, well there’s a reason it is my favourite flea market. You can buy anything and everything here. Sarojini had Topshop and H&M even before they came to India. You can buy leather shoes, bags, accessories and ofcourse clothes, loads of clothes. So I wanted to do this post mainly because I wanted to show you guys that buying stuff off the streets does not make you any less fashionable.

Coming to the outfit I got this faux fur sweater from Sarojini Nagar for INR 150 ($2.19) and the denim dungaress for INR 450 ($6.56). I wanted to buy denim dungarees for a long time and I loved these because they had the old denim look that my dad’s old Levis has. After much bargaining I got it for 450 bucks (which I think is pretty pricey for sarojini). So the total outfit costs INR 600 ($8.75). Well Rihanna is one celebrity who rocks denim amazingly and she is the inspiration for this look. I have seen a lot of people style their denim dungarees rather casually, so I thought of glam-ing them up.

Accessories can make or break the outfit!

This holds absolutely true for this look. I stacked two golden statement necklaces from Forever21 and wore a septum ring. I wore my favourite silver heels and carried a holographic envelope clutch that I diy-ed from old CDs. Okay I accept I am obsessed with these sunglasses and I need to stop wearing them now. I rolled up the dungarees at the bottom so that the frayed ends are visible. I think a red lip color works best with denims and I kept hair wavy and messy the way bad gal Riri does.

So my outfit is street shopped and I don’t think it looks cheap or unfashionable.
Your style is what makes you fashionable not the brands you wear.
What do you think?

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