Canadian Tuxedo done my way

The Canadian Tuxedo Story


She buries her nose in a book,


reading about the poets she loved,


Her eyes dance from one page to another,


books take her to another world,


She becomes the poet’s poem as she reads through the lines,

Emotions dark and deep whirlwind,


Life is not all roses,


A lover of poetry,
A lover of prose,
with each book she grows.


Denim Jacket worn as crop top : 12 years old | High waisted jeans : 8 years old | Shirt dress worn as overcoat : Sarojini Nagar | Heels : | Tassel earrings : DIY ( find tutorial here ) | Silk scarf style as headband : borrowed from mom | Glasses : DKNY

DENIM! Denim is one of those things that never goes out of fashion. Trends change, seasons change but denim is always there. People who don’t even pay least bit attention to trends or styles have at least 2-3 denim pieces in their closets. Denim is like a global uniform. I am the kind of girl who does not like wearing jeans at all, I invest in denim but jeans are (were) not my thing. This pair of jeans is the one I have been banking upon all these years. When I was gifted these jeans I was horrified at the sight of it ( it was a time when straight loose fit jeans were in vogue ), I was repulsed by the fact that it was a skinny fit and it wasn’t low waist. But these are my favourite jeans and most worn jeans after all those years as my personal style evolved.

Canadian tuxedo is an eternal trend. It never goes out of fashion. Canadian tuxedo is basically pairing a denim shirt/jacket with a denim pant/jeans. The jacket and jeans can be of same or different denim color. In my look none of the three denim pieces are of the same color. I have been obsessed with co-ords and canadian tux is basically an evolved version of co-ords.

A lot is happening in this look. I have styled my jacket as a crop top by buttoning it up. I styled my denim shirt dress ( styled in two different ways here and here ) that I got from Sarojini as an overcoat. These are my favourite pair of jeans since a decade and this is how I styled them for summer. I wanted to add a little bit of seventies and girly to the look, so I style my mom’s orange silk scarf as a headwrap. These DIY’ed blue tassels earrings ( find tutorial here ) added a touch of fun and femininity. I wore my cat eyed specs from DKNY for the retro vibe. You can wear a pair of neutral block heels and carry a small sling in a solid color like I did, when heading out. I love how this canadian tuxedo with a twist turned out. What about you?

These pictures are shot by Aditya Saxena ( Instagram)

Styling and concept : yours truly

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