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I have always loved Brocade since I was a child, my mother’s brocade blouses and kurta’s always fascinated me. I feel like brocade is a fabric that has not got the love and attention it actually deserves. I love the intricacy of the designs of the brocade fabric. Brocade was worn by the Kings and Queens, it was a fabric that was associated with royalty and was imported from Italy making it impossible for the normal public to afford it. Things changed with the course of time and the real gold and silver used for weaving the brocade fabric was replaced by gold and silver threads, Indian artisans learned the art of weaving brocade eventually making it available to the normal public.

Similar is the story of the color purple. There was a time when purple was the most expensive dye in the world, made for the mucous secretions of snails, the color purple was the prized color of “royalty”. Thanks to the ever evolving world of fashion, the times have changed and how!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know my love for statement pieces! I absolutely love adding statement pieces to my wardrobe, something I will cherish irrespective of the fact whether it is in trend or not, something that resonates with my personal style and this dress from Adagio’s festive collection combines my favourite fabric brocade with my favourite color purple and lovely Victorian frill details on the neck.

Since the brocade dress made a statement on its own, I paired it with vintage gold coin earrings and a vintage embroidered gold raw silk clutch. I added my watch, watches do add an old world charm to the outfit, don’t they? I wore my emerald-green satin statement heels to add a pop of color. If the heels are a little too much for you, you can opt for a neutral footwear.




Victorian neck Brocade Mini Dress : Adagio | Green bow heels : Koovs | Embroidered gold clutch : Thrifted | Watch : Daniel Wellington

Living my brocade dreams in Victorian Neck Brocade Mini dress by Adagio.

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