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White Kurta : Mom’s | Anklet : Mom’s | White Henna : DIY | Earrings : June Chapters

India is becoming fashion forward with each fashion week but sometimes I feel like our traditional wear is getting lost amidst fashion. I mean how many of us wear ghaaghraas anymore? Or sarees maybe? Not unless we have a wedding to attend. Traditional wear is not always meant to worn traditionally, just a little twist to the attire can make a lot of difference.

We are so busy getting inspired from the West,

posing happily in our dresses and skirts,

the ghaghraa is lost and who wears a saree anymore?

Have you ever observed the Sadhus? Walking barefoot in their orange robes with barefoot with white paint on their face? Well you have to believe me when I say I draw inspiration from the streets, the mundane things I see. Well this is one such bohemian look. Inspired from the Sadhus I dressed up my mom’s white kurta. Not opting for a patiala salwar or churidar as worn traditionally, I instead paired the kurta with shorts (which aren’t visible though).

Inspired by the white markings on a Sadhus face, I painted a lot of white bindi’s on my face and some white henna for my hands and feet. The factor that binds the whole look together are these beautiful statement earrings from June Chapters by Nidhi. She designs beautiful handmade accessories each made by taking it’s own sweet time. These bohemian earrings are an amalgamation of everything I love, mirrors, pom-poms and cowrie shell.

Finally I wore my favourite flower nose pin and silver anklets to complete my look. So this is my white bohemian inspired from the Sadhus.

You can buy these earrings at June Chapters.

I hope you guys like this look.
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2 thoughts on “Bohemian in White

  1. Rightly said.. We are too busy chasing after the Western trends that in the process we tend to have forgotten our roots.. While I myself love my crop tops and off-shoulders, nothing compares to a traditional look or a contemporary look inspired by traditional and vice versa. Loved the styling and the writing. 🙂

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