Blue Jeans White Shirt

“Blue jeans white shirt.
You walked into the room and made my eyes burn”

Fashionable or not! Everyone has a pair of blue jeans and white shirt in their closets. This combination is classic and time less. Blue jeans white jeans = summer uniform. Though a classic, things tend to get monotonous and boring when you see every single person wearing the same thing. So I decided to give my blue jeans white shirt, an Indian Tadka. I am doing 2 looks with the same clothes and same accessories but just a few changes here and there to make them look different.


This look is about a girl who likes to draw attention with her quirky accessories. In this look I am wearing a basic white shirt from and ripped boyfriend jeans that I DIY’d from my mom’s old jeans.

I added the Indian Tadka with my accessories. Bindi’s are huge right now and I cannot lie, I absolutely love them. The bigger, the better. Red bindi with red lips, another classic Indian combination. I wanted to add a whole lot of drama to my outfit so I tied my into space buns. Well, coming to these yummy accessories, these chulbuli earrings from Krafted with Happiness with add drama to any outfit. I also added a bird brooch that I made myself, which is available on adagio for sale. I added beautiful blue lak clutch and glass bangles in all possible colors and wore my favourite hand-embroidered jhuttis.

bird earrings

White shirt

Blue jeans

Bird earrings


White Shirt

bird brooch



Always look fly!

Another way to wear blue jeans white shirt combination.

Well earrings aren’t always meant to be worn in ears. Atleast not for me. Say hi to alternate way to style your earrings. So in this look I styled chulbuli earrings from Krafted with Happiness as collar tips and they looked totally fly. The brooch and the earrings look like a match made in heaven. I tied my hair back in a simple low bun because summers! I unbuttoned the last few buttons of my white shirt with a little bit of my pale pink lace crop top peeking out because it’s hot. Hehe. I need to stop with the because’s now.

white shirt


bird brooch


Banjara Bag

Outfit Details

White shirt : Fades (buy here) | Boyfriend Jeans : DIY | Chulbuli bird earrings : Krafted with happiness (buy here) | Bird Brooch : adagio (buy here) | Blue Lak Clutch : Krafted With Happiness (buy here) | Jhuttis : Jaipur Market

Check out how I styled the blue lak clutch the experimental way here.

I hope you my Indian Twist to blue jeans white shirt combination.
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