The Summer Sundance

The Summer Sundance

I don’t think Summer can get any hotter than it actually is and shooting in the summer sun is a task in itself. Shooting in summer is literally like a “Sun Dance” because I am always on a quest for places with shade so that I do not melt in a pool of my own sweat.

Since Neha (one of the fellow bloggers I met through Instagram) was in town, she suggested for us to do a shoot together and I am always super excited for meeting and shooting with fellow bloggers. And we were already brainstorming about the shoot and we decided to shoot at Meharchand Market in Delhi, lined up with posh designer stores at the front and small repair shops, toy shops at the backside, it is a mix of high-end designer stores and nostalgia of the past. We wanted to capture both the sides of the market and I hope you enjoy the visuals.

Since this was an impromptu shoot, I decided to go for a fusion look and I consider myself a pro at that. If you ask me to get up at 3 in the night and ask me to dress up, it would definitely be something fusion, some silver and definitely a flowy cotton dress. I have been living in flowy cotton dresses this summer, especially if you live in a place as hot as Delhi. This dress has been such a hit since I uploaded the BTS on Instagram. I got this block print wrap dress tailored 3 years back from my local tailor aunty who is 70 years old and is ever so enthusiastic whenever I take a new design sketch to her. I love such pieces that are evergreen, trends come and go but this special dress will always stay in fashion.

Matchy-Matchy is one of my favourite go to styling hacks. I went matchy-matchy with a silver choker and jhumka’s for this block print wrap dress. Can you believe that I used to HATE fanny packs? I mean there is a certain kind that I still don’t like but I absolutely love structured belt bags as you may have guessed by now. I wore a block print belt bag for Day 1 of this Fashion Week ( find the look here) and a quilted silver one for last day as well (find the look here). However this little one here is not really a fanny pack, it is a sling bag that I have DIY’ed into belt bag by adjusting the straps. I wore my clear heels and a heavy silver anklet in one leg.

Choker and earrings : Janpath Online on Instagram

Since I went for a monochrome look I broke the monotony and injected some colour with pink micro sunglasses. I tied by hair in a low ponytail, did a blue smokey eye (since I am obsessed with coloured eyeshadows rn!) and a nude lip.

Block print wrap dress : Stitched | Clear heels : Ajio | Anklet : Gadbad Jhala, Lucknow (read about it here) | Belt bag/ Fanny Pack : Belt bag from Miniso worn as fanny pack

I hope you guys enjoyed the visuals, the idea behind the outfit and this collaboration with these two gorgeous women. You can readĀ Garvita’s story about her look here and Neha’s Story here.

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