She was a curious girl, a wanderer, a carefree soul,
who spent her Summers and Springs in traverse,


Wandering from place to place to graze her goats.


Her nomadic heart looked everywhere in search of something marvelous.


She went to the villages and went to the cities.


Her carefree soul wandered day and  night,
in search of something extraordinary.


She was a banjaran who had no abode.


She walked through deserts, she walked through hills
bewildered by the places she saw.


 Amazed at her own reflection,


A face that showed no signs of the experiences etched in her brain


Her appearance was overwhelming even to her,


She was an airy soul looking for something sensational,


But she did not realise that she herself was incredible,
until she saw her reflection.


Mom’s skirt worn as a dress | Hand chain : Janpath | Kamarbandh (waist belt) : Janpath | Kohlapuri : Sarojini Nagar Market | Silver earrings : gifted

Fashion trends in India are governed by International runways and designers. We will go crazy about Dylanlex necklaces but won’t even look at the stacks of tribal necklaces in lanes of Janpath. We will obsess over the cropped shirt and floral maxi skirt that some fashionista wore but isn’t that what the banjaran women have been wearing since forever? These trends are creating a stress and fashion is becoming redundant. The rat-race of being in-vogue is curbing individuality and uniqueness.  I feel India is losing a sense of personal style and so is the blogging industry. People are more concerned with wearing the same brands that the other person is wearing. Style is not about what you wear, it’s about how you wear it.

Have you ever noticed Banjarans ? I am referring to the women from pastoral nomadic tribes of Gujarat and Rajasthan. They have no permanent home and keep travelling from one place to another in search of grazing fields for their cattle. Banjarans are one of the most impeccably dressed women I have seen. Dressed in bright colorful lehengas in beautiful patterns and prints and cropped shirt like blouses with intricate silver jewelry adorning their heads, necks, hands, waists and feet. You can’t help but give them a second look, dressed up their best to graze their cattle.
The Banjaran women have always fascinated me and I have taken a lot of inspiration from these woman for my personal style. You can check out my previous posts herehere and here. I got this Indian Pink skirt when my love for all things rajasthani didn’t let my mom throw away her skirt. I wanted to style this skirt  in a way that exemplified the banjaran style. I wore this skirt as a tube dress and added a “kamarbandh” or “Kardhani” as a high waist belt. I added silver jhumka’s and a silver hand-chain to complete the look.

I keep experimenting with my personal style. I find inspiration in everything I see. When Aliya from asked me what my personal style was, I was blank for a moment and then I told her that I am probably a Fashion-bipolar. But I guess my personal style is experimental, a mix of everything to create something that screams uniqueness and individuality.


This post was shot by my amazing friend Udit Jain. I am a fan of his pictures. Go follow him on Instagram.

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