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Orange jumpsuit : 99hunts | Backpack : Lavie | Boho coin neckpiece : Hot as red | Flats : Streetstylestore

I remember how much I used to detest backpacks as soon as I was out of school. I made it a point to take handbags for my college, but man they are uncomfortable! I like bags that can carry everything, everything that I would need during the day and that is a lot and handbags tend to get super heavy and uncomfortable in situations like these. So yes my love for backpacks was rekindled again. Hehe yeah!

You can carry all of your world comfortably in a backpack and there’s no complaining when they look as good as this. I remember putting all my stuff in my backpack and running out to play everyday during my childhood. Backpacks always have your back. I wanted a no fuss look so I wore this orange jumpsuit from 99hunts which is perfect for running around having fun all day long. I added a gold coin necklace for the carefree bohemian feel. I tied my hair in a top knot and added my current favourite reflectors.

I absolutely love the psychedelic print and the color riot happening on the backpack therefore I decided to keep my outfit in a single solid color. I added a pretty little mirror trinket on my backpack. This pon-pom and mirror bag charm is actually an earring. Well never shy away for experimenting, earrings aren’t always meant to be worn in ears. With my hands free with the backpack I tried my hand at a little skateboarding and I did suck at it. Maybe one day, with enough practice!

So what do you think about backpacks? I surely love them, carry your clothes, shoes, books, make-up, charger and no one would even know.

You can buy this backpack from Lavie here.
Happy Backpacking!

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