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Apple Orchard and Winter Whites

| Apple Orchard and Winter Whites |
A Photo Story

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I travelled to Tosh in November last year. I could not update my social media (as there was no network) while I was in Tosh, but it was a blessing in disguise. I could actually enjoy my travel without being hooked on to my phone for posting updates. Tosh, is a small colorful village in Himachal Pradesh. It is a popular destination for adventure lovers and backpackers alike. We stayed in a cottage at the Stonedage Inn (more details on that later) and had a view of a beautiful apple orchard and the mountains in front of us!So after breakfast, we decided to go for a walk in the Apple Orchard, the Orchard owners were sweet enough to let us into their private property and also invited us over to their home.

Ever heard of winter whites? Colors are generally associated with seasons, Summer whites? Winter greys? This association of trends or colors with a particular season boxes the creativity. Florals for spring? Dresses in summers! These boundaries are now being pushed, we see colors in winters, we see florals for winters, now florals aren’t limited to spring alone. Being the kind of person I am, I am not a fan of black, I feel everything looks better in white. All white outfits look classy AF! I did not plan on shooting this outfit but the white looked really good against the tones of brown and green of the apple orchard so I decided to take a few shots.

This outfit is all about winter whites. Here I am wearing a fuzzy white sweater with pearl details on it paired with high waist wide leg paper bag trousers. Trick to wearing your summer pants in winter is layering them with a thermal underneath and that’s exactly what I have done here. Winter is the prefect time to borrow all the beautiful shawls that my mother has! Indian Handicrafts are so exquisite. Embroidered shawls aren’t just meant to be worn with Indian outfits. I wore my mother’s embroidered Kashmiri shawl, it added a touch of individuality and sophistication to my outfit and kept me warm as well!

We had a great afternoon walking through the apple orchard, taking pictures and talking. This photo story does not do justice to how beautiful the place was! All outfit details are given below.

Fuzzy pearl detail sweater : Sarojini Nagar (also worn here) | White paper waist pants : Naomi Code (also worn here) |
Clear Aviator glasses : Sarojini Nagar | Kashmiri Shawl : borrowed from ze mother

I hope you guys liked this photo story.
Until Next Time

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  1. HeyGirl! I loved reading this post and guess what it is on my travel bucket now! Also, I must say you did an awesome job with the pictures. They are simply mindblowing.

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