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Individuality in Fashion

pastel blue outfit

Fashion is art.
Fashion is a way of expression.
Fashion is who you are. 

Individuality is what defines fashion for me. But with trends new trends coming up everyday personal style is becoming a distant memory and herd mentality is on the rise. In the past I have been questioned about wearing velvet casually which has now changed into questions about where did I buy that particular velvet piece. I have been called “over-dressed” too. No I am not saying that following trends is bad, it is not, I follow trends too but compromising on your personal style is.

Personal style is what defines us, I and Garvita decided to take this up as a challenge when we ordered the same jacket. Garvita took inspiration from the seventies for her look, I , on the other hand incorporated vintage elements in my look. I can’t really define my personal style, it is as moody as I am. Some days it’s vintage, others days it’s androgynous or maybe minimal or bohemian or over-the-top. I do not restrict myself in any way when it comes to my personal style.

So we met on a very cold and foggy winter morning to shoot this look.

For me, layering plays a very important part of winter dressing. I generally start with layering my thermals. I layered different shades of blue for a monochrome outfit. I started by wearing a blue full sleeve tee and layered it with a blue thrifted vintage tee that has beautiful white flowers embroidered on it with lace detail on the sleeves. I wore a high-waist micro pleated skirt and finished my look with pastel blue denim jacket (the hero of this look). I wore my vintage aviator glasses and block heels in the shade of blue.

To know about Garvita’s look head over to her blog HERE.


Embroidered pastel-blue jacket : Sammydress | Vintage embroidered tee : thrifted | Micro-pleated skirt : Stalk Buy Love

You can buy the jacket here.

Photography by Gitanshu.

I hope you guys like this post. I feel proud of how my work has improved and I will continue to work harder.
Happy New Year to you guys.
Thank you so much for reading my posts.

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