AIFW SS16 Day 1


The Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016 has just started and I am going to share my favorites from all the 5 days.

| M A S H R U |

Sanjay Garg

This collection is both luxurious and wearable, contemporary and historically rooted. I love the bright colors like royal blues, Indian pinks and crimsons used in the collection. With a friend’s wedding just around the corner, I know what I should be wearing. Indian pink maybe?


The Flat cut and Central Asian influences have been retained by emphasizing the straight and angled cuts used in garment construction.

IMG_6310 - Copy


The lack of curved lines or darts keep the silhouettes simple, clean and fuss free. The collection emerges as both contemporary and traditional, sober yet luxurious, permitted yet rebellious.

 IMG_6650 - Copy


| A N A V I L A |


This sari stole my heart. The minimalism and understated elegance makes a statement here. I love the crisp and clean lines and the fall of this fabric.



The sari is sheer elegance in white with the Victorian style hand embroidery. White has been the color of the season and doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon. We aren’t complaining!



This collection draws inspiration from fluxes in life. Vaishali creates contemporary designs from traditional hand woven Indian textiles. I love how grey, white and gold has been used together and the way colors compliment each other is impeccable. This sari personifies the grace and simplicity of Indian Woman.

Check this space out tomorrow for my AIFW Day 2 favourites.

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