Whimsical Love

Whimsical Love


“What is love? Love kills and love also gives you wings, love is a fairytale and it also is your worst nightmare. Love is something whimsical; love is something that cannot be described. Some say words fall short while describing love, some say there are no words that describe love. Is passion synonymous to love? When love cannot be described, how can love be celebrated on a specific day? Do you feel love only for a human, or places too? What are the rules, how do you know?” She often asked herself lost in thoughts of her own!

The city girl travels to the mountains and falls in love with the grandeur of mountains that nestle small valleys. She wakes up early to watch the orange mountains, the hue  during the sunrise. She rushes out at night, to  spot the constellations in the big dark sky, she studied about as a child. She sleeps in a cottage to the lullaby of the sound of river rushing by. Oh she wonders what is love? Is love what she feels for this place?

During the day, she explores new places, meets new people. She finds a half built wooden house that she frolics around, she dances on the moss-covered rocks, she jumps across the rocks onto the river, she takes her shoes off and climbs up to a cliff. She stands barefoot in the ice-cold water of the river. While finding these places hidden in a small mountain village, she finds herself. She loves herself a little more and hates herself a little less. And oh she wonders what is love? The story of her whimsical love.

I have been working on the #loveseries collection for the longest time and I planned to shoot the whimsical love dress during my trip to Tosh. If you are planning your trip to Himachal Pradesh anytime soon, you definitely need to check out the Travel Guide to Tosh. I was lucky enough to travel to Tosh with people I love, my mother and my best friend. I had not planned to shoot any other outfits but I wanted to shoot this editorial and it was shot by the official photographer of blog, my mother.

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