Tales of Versailles

| Tales Of Versailles |

Wearing Autumn-Winter 2017 Versailles Collection by Rajdeep Ranawat

Art has always played a vital role in creation whether directly in the form of murals, frescoes or paintings or indirectly by inspiring people to create something that is inspired by art in it’s truest form. Versailles has played an important part in History, Chateau De Versailles, from being the seat of French Power to being the main focus of the French Revolution against the monarchy, this palace has seen it all. After years, this palace still stands in all it’s glory and still inspires people to create something new, create art!

French Monarchs being fashion forward paving path for the high fashion hotspot that France is today. The Opulence of the Chateau De Versailles inspired Rajdeep Ranawat to create his AW17 collection called Versailles. Versailles is a mirage that is a mesmerising manifestation of a saga from a bygone era with a thirst for fashion and luxury. Beautiful hues or burgundy are paired with exquisite motifs inspired from the French Palace in the dress that I have worn.

The French Palace characterized by its large curved forms, twisted columns, high domes and intricate details served as the inspiration for the digital art work for this collection. Owning a piece from this collection is like wearing a piece of history. Tales of Versailles woven in Fashion!

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