Valentine Alone at Home

I have never been a Valentine’s person for one I feel like Valentine is a consumerist holiday to push sales, two it makes single people sad for some weird reason, thirdly, it promotes materialism in an already materialistic world, as a way to express your love. I believe moments need to be cherished as they come, the days you celebrate should have a meaning behind them. But hey hey, that’s just my opinion, if you love this day, there’s nothing wrong with that too. I mean I am a person who loves anything with hearts on it, so what do I say!

People, especially young people, feel low on this day if they are home alone on Valentine or if they have no plans to go out. You do not need a partner to celebrate a day of love, you need to love yourself. And you NEED TO LOVE YOURSELF EVERY SINGLE DAY and love yourself fiercely. But why am I even writing this post on Valentine’s because the word “valentine” gets everyone’s attention.

This post is a visual attempt to reduce stigma around being alone at Valentine and not having a partner, having being stood up by a partner, not having plans to go out, not having galentine’s, you still can have fun.

Chapter 1 : Pink Fluff Candy

Dress up, put on makeup, wear your favourite earrings and eat your favourite candy.

Life in pink.
valentine alone at home
Valentine alone at home
cotton candy fashion editorial

Chapter 2 : Sipping on the flower potion

nakhrewaali valentine earrings
valentine editorial

Chapter 3 : Comfortable in my own skin

fashion editorial
evil eye earrings

Concept note : Editorial old school romantic imagery with exaggerated poses, images have a pink tint, inspired by the tinted colors and over-exposed images of old film cameras.

Concept and styling : Charuta
Earrings custom-made by Nakhrewaali
Photos by Kavita Yadav

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