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Social media is a funny place, you see all kind of weird trends here. Whenever a new trend arrives, instagram being a popular choice of people like you and me for sharing visual content, it gets amplified on instagram and we see everyone doing it. Remember the glitter eyebrows and the latest squishy eyebrows and lips? Though those were way out of my comfort zone. I am the kind of person that stays away from these trends because they are basically short-lived (and I believe in making my own trends, artxfashion for the win hehe) but when I saw BATHLIESURE, I wanted to give it my own twist and try it.

I first saw Aimee from Songs of Style, sporting this trend twice during her vacation. Fully decked up with make up and sunglasses on, sipping her coffee with a towel wrapped on her head. When I saw her picture, I said to myself what a cool picture. Then I saw Leandra from Man Repeller sport it, going OTT with her jewellery with a towel on her head. She is the queen of cool.

Initially I was skeptical about trying this trend but I became super excited to experiment with this trend overnight (blame it on manrepeller). The next time you are on a vacation sunbathing, get your make up and jewellery on and wrap on towel on your head. Move over athleisure, bathleisure is here!

Call me crazy but I cannot wait for bath robe style wrap dresses. Can someone make them already? Oh wait there’s a new project for my tailor now. Hehe. What do you think about this trend? Would you try it?

Concept : I wanted to do an Indian twist on bathliesure. You are already aware of my undying love for silver jewellery, so for this post I went OTT  with my silver mang tikka, jhumka’s and silver choker. I wrapped up my hair in a towel, I made it a point to use the Indian checkered towel known as “angoucha” because hey I am doing the Indian version of bathliesure. And obviously I went for my half-moon sunglasses because I am absolutely obsessed with them. Also you ask why use a 2014 vogue magazine? Because I went through my magazine collection and I couldn’t find a cover that was more OTT.

I kept most of the pictures black and white because the wanted the pictures to have old Bollywood charm.

Concept, Art Direction, Styling by me

Shot by Kavita Yadav.

I hope you guys liked the post.
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