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Pop logo clutch + GIVEAWAY

As promised a while back, finally we are doing a giveaway 🙂

Pop clutches have been popular for quite sometime, whether the milk carton bag from Chanel or the Moschino French Fry bag. After drooling over these bags for days I thought of making one for myself. So this one, I have decided to give to my lovely readers.
We are big fans of Twinings green tea. I have always loved its carton with the intricate details, so I decided to use it for making a pop logo box clutch.

Required :
Twinings green tea carton


Pearl buttons
Pearl lace
White laminate board pieces
Needle and thread
Fabric glue
I started by drawing random designs on the white laminate board cut according to the carton’s size. 
Then I added tassels at the base of the box using a thread and needle.

Then add pearls on the boundary of the box using fabric glue and forceps.

This how the box will look after adding pearls and tassels.
Attach the pearl lace on the sides of the box using thread and needle to make strap for the bag. Also add the pearl buttons on the side.

After attaching the strap, paste the laminate on the internal sides of the bag. This will make the bag sturdy.

This is how the final bag looks. I am pretty happy with the boho vintage vibe of the clutch. Plus its handmade. All my favourite things at once.

The inside of the clutch.

This is our first giveaway and am so excited about it 😀
So here are the rules :
1. Like us on facebook and follow us on Instagram

2. On instagram or facebook, comment on the picture by telling us how you will style this bag and tag five of your friends who you think would be able to rock this bag( you can comment more than once by tagging different people everytime).
3. The winner would be chosen randomly and the results would be declared on facebook and Instagram on 20th of December.

Good luck.

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