Moda Yalda won the Best DIY Blog 2019 by The Lifestyle Journalist

I am super stoked to share with you that I won the Best DIY Blog 2019 by The Lifestyle Journalist Magazine, a luxury magazine that is based out of Chandigarh. Last year Moda Yalda had won the Best DIY Blog by the Cosmopolitan Magazine (you can read about it here).

Best DIY blog India

Since I was a young girl, I have been an avid reader of all the glossy fashion magazines and I have loved styling and DIYing clothes since forever. I have always loved being extra and playing dress up. I remember when I started blogging, I dreamt of being featured in the Street style section of the Cosmopolitan Magazine (it was the only magazine that featured blogger’s fashion at that time). I can’t believe that was a dream for me!

I was very proud and happy with the content I was creating but I never thought that I would actually receive an award by a magazine for my work, though I lowkey wished for it to happen. I mean there are a plethora of bloggers out there who are doing some amazing work. But last year my work was recognised and awarded by a magazine that I had read since I was a teen!

Gold dress

Due to some last minute deadlines I could not make it to the TLJ Bloggers and Social Media Awards 2019, but when they told me that I won the Best DIY Blog 2019, I was over the moon!!

Winner of Best DIY blog 2019

I saw the award and I absolutely loved that it was a star shaped award, very extra just like me. I waited to receive the award in my mail but I had already styled the whole look in my head to take pictures with it. I went for all gold inspired by the star shaped award. I wore a beautiful gold slip dress, added some very extra gold earrings and a lot embellished hair pins to one side. I went for a nude lip and gold eyeshadow and look some really amazing pictures with it.

I am so grateful for my work being recognised on various platforms and so grateful for all the readers, subscribers and followers. Everything I do, I do it for you. Thank you for supporting me.

And now enjoy the very extra pictures I took with my star shaped award!

Monochrome gold outfit
Gold slip dress

I definitely feel like a star standing on the red carpet in this picture!

Golden girl

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