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Lip Clutch.

Hello people
Today’s blog is a do-it-yourself.I saw Lulu guinness lip clutch and it was love at first sight so I decided to give DIY a try.

So here’s a how-and-what-to-do step by step guide.

Materials required :
  1. Canvas cloth
  2. Foam
  3. Zipper
  4. Old leather bag
  5. Fabric glue
  6. Scissors
  7. Fabric matching the leather
  8. Needle and thread
1.Firstly cut the leather bag to obtain the leather.
2.Cut the canvas , foam and leather in the shape of lips.

                                                         There will be 6 cut-outs in total.
                                                         2 leather cut-outs : front and back
                                                         2 foam cut-outs : front and back
                                                         2 canvas cut-outs : .front and back

3.Trace the shape of the lips on the fabric and cut the fabric for front and back panel.


                    1.For the front panel paste the canvas on the fabric using fabric glue.

2.Paste foam on the upper and lower leather cut-out using fabric glue.
3.Paste the upper portion followed by lower portion using fabric glue.
4.Paste lower portion. Sew using thread and needle in the center and at the sides.


 1.Paste canvas on upper back portion.
2. Paste canvas on lower back portion.
3. Paste fabric using fabric glue on both upper and lower back portions to cover the canvas.
4. Back portion after pasting fabric. Sew the zipper on the extra fabric.

                                     5. Sew zipper using thread and needle.

6.Back after stitching the zipper

Finished clutch.!
                                 The finished clutch looks so amazing.I am totally in love with it.

If you have any queries do comment.

This is super easy and this red hot clutch looks totally rad.It can brighten up any outfit.I just can’t wait to style it.If you try this DIY do tag us on instagram or post on Moda Yalda.
Keep creating.
Untill next time.

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