Her Secret Garden : DIY Project with Doodlage

Her Secret Garden
( DIY denim jacket )

A DIY and Upcycling  Project with Doodlage

What we generally do when our clothes get old and torn, we throw them away. This generates a lot of waste and the clothes end up in landfills generating a lot of pollution. But if we put in a little bit of effort in care and repair, we can give a new life to our clothes. Keeping this in mind I decided to collaborate with Doodlage. I got this denim bomber, the stitching had come off at two places, I repaired the denim jacket and did a cool DIY and I have captured the full process in my Youtube video.

This is how the jacket looked before the repair and DIY.

I absolutely love flowers and a “secret flower garden” was my inspiration behind this DIY. My mother helped me with the repair and the embroidery. What I find amazing about DIY’s is that when you DIY your clothes , you make something so unique and you are the only person who owns that piece in the whole wide world. I used a lot of flower patches and my mom embroidered little wild flowers around the flower patches to make my DIY denim jacket.

“keep sending flowers to me”

This is what I painted at the back of my jacket.

Since I wanted my vision of “secret garden” to come alive, I planned to do the shoot with flowers, and not just some bought flowers, but with flowers that bloom in the summers, in Indian gardens. So the obvious choice of flowers were Indian pink bougainvillea and bright orange Gulmohar (Royal poinciana) flowers. I created a little secret garden for myself with these flowers to shoot the upcycled and DIY denim  jacket.

Since I wanted everything to be inspired by flowers, the makeup too was inspired by the orange Gulmohar flowers. With bright orange eyes and pop of orange on my lips, I added a few freckles just like beautiful brown and yellow freckled lines that the flower has.




And finally Charuta got her own secret garden, even if it was for a day in her room. I love how the jacket turned out and I absolutely adore that it says keep sending flowers to me which is my state of mind almost all the time.

I hope you guys enjoyed this editorial shoot and the upcycling and DIY project. These small steps like repairing your clothes, repeating your clothes more ofteb, DIYing your clothes help our planet in more ways than one can think off. You can check out the whole tutorial on how I DIYed this denim jacket here.

I hope you guys enjoyed this visual story.
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