DIY Ice-cream Earrings

DIY Ice-cream Earrings

Well clicking pictures of all my DIYs is a crazy-crazy task. It is kind of difficult to capture the whole process through photographs. I am thinking of making videos of my DIYs, probably start a YouTube channel! I don’t know. Would you guys watch my videos? Let me know.

Well coming to today’s tutorial, it’s pretty easy. Here is what you would need :

  1. Fabric Glue
  2. Canvas Cloth
  3. Pencil
  4. colorful fabrics ( I am taking purple, blue, baby pink and cream)
  5. Some sequins and beads to jazz your earrings up
  6. Fabric 3D outliner

So follow the steps to make your own ice-cream earrings:

Warning : DO NOT EAT

Step 1 : Make a free hand sketch of ice cream on canvas fabric using pencil.

DIY Ice-cream earrings

Step 2 : cut-out the sketch using a pair of scissors


Step 3 : Sketch out the cone of the ice-cream on the fabric you are using for the come of the ice-cream. I am using cream silk fabric for the ice-cream cone.


This is how the cone sketch would look like.


Step 5 : Paste the conical silk fabric part using fabric glue on the ice-cream sketch.


Step 6 : Cut-out the ice-cream scoops for the colored fabrics. Sketch the scoops on the fabric and cut them out. Then paste the cut scoops on the ice-cream sketch.




This how the ice-cream earrings would look after pasting the different colored fabrics for the scoops.


Step 6 : Decorate your ice-cream earrings

Put dots of fabric glue on the ice-cream scoops and add sequins. I am using purple sequins for purple scoop.


This is how the ice-cream earrings would look after adding sequins.


Step 8 : Add details to your ice-cream earrings

I used 3D fabric outliner to add details to the earrings.


Add details to the cone using 3D fabric outliner.




Your ice-cream earrings are ready.
You can use these as brooch or as earrings like I did.


So brooch or earrings?


Also, thank you everyone for participating in the giveaway with Lavie. I did not even expect a single person to participate. I am over-whelmed by the response and the efforts made by each one of you. The winner of the giveaway is enchanted.elixir . The winner should DM me on instagram.

For those of you who did not win, I have another giveaway coming up for you guys super soon. I love you all.
I hope you guys like the post.

Also, if you don’t want to make the earrings by yourself, you can order them at adagio and I will make them for you.

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