DIY crop shirt

How are you all doing? Welcome to DIY-July. I will be posting a lot of DIY posts this month.

So about this post,this DIY is about how to make a cropped shirt. It is pretty easy. Just follow these basic steps and you can up-cycle your old boring shirt.

Materials required are :
1. Any old shirt ( I used this shirt as it got torn at the back the last time I wore it. Also I was not ready to part with it yet. If you are a cloth hoarder like me, you will get it ūüėõ )
2. A pair of Scissors
3. Measuring Tape
4. Chalk

5. Thread and Needle

6. Golden thread (optional)

Follow these super easy step by step instructions to make one for yourself.
1. Get a shirt you want to DIY into a cropped shirt.
2. Measure the length you want using a measuring tape. I measured 18.5 inches so that I could get the final length of 16 inches after hemming.
3. Mark the length using a fabric chalk.
4. Cut the fabric using scissors along the markings.
This is how it would look after cropping.
5. Hem the edges using a thread and needle.
6. *Optional Step * I used this gold thread to make leaf like pattern at the tips of the collar. Make straight parallel inclined lines on both sides and viola.!
So this how the  crop shirt turned out. Looks pretty decent, eh?

I will style it soon in one of my future posts.

Here are some ideas on how you can style your cropped shirt (image courtesy : http://riamichelle.com/, http://blog.gypsywarrior.com/ , http://thefashiontag.com/ )

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Until next time.

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