DIY Banjara Tassel Coin Earrings



The Gujrati Lane in Janpath has to be one of my favorite places. Its a paradise for a handicrafts lover like me. It is super colorful and has so much to offer that I want to buy anything and everything. I have been crushing over tassels lately and the bag in this picture is the inspiration behind this post. I have already done a post on DIY tassel earring on the blog earlier and here’s another. Obsessed much. Yes!

The steps are pretty simple and the outcome is really amazing.


Colorful threads
3D Fabric outliner (blue)
Fabric Glue
Old 2 Rupee Coin ( get the old ones for the vintage vibe)
Thick Fabric ( As the base to paste the coin )
A pair of long earrings

Follow these steps to make yourself a pair of these pretty earrings


Start by outlining the circumference of the coin on the thick fabric.


Cut the outlined circumference using scissors.


Paste the coin on the fabric using fabric glue.


Outline the circumference in Royal Blue color (or any color of your choice) using 3D fabric outliner.


So this is how it would look after you are done outlining.


So the next step is to make a lot of tassels in different colors. I made four tassels in each color. Since I couldn’t click pictures of how to makes tassels, I am sharing this video that teaches you how to make tassels.

DSC_0680Now start pasting tassels on the circumference of the coin using fabric glue. You can follow any color scheme.



So this is how it looks after attaching all the tassels.


The next step is to chop the tassels using a scissor to make an uniform circle.


Attach the earrings to this colorful circle using needle and thread. You can also glue it if you want but I personally feel sewing it would make it more sturdy.


The last step is to add the crystals on the circumference using fabric glue and forceps.


Add a drop of fabric glue and place the crystal using the forceps.


This how it would look after you are done attaching the crystals.

I did a little photoshoot with my baby sis Manjari to show you guys how amazing these look when worn.


I am totally in love with this picture.







So what do you think? Don’t they look amazing?
Also whenever I post a DIY, a lot of you guys tell me that you aren’t that creative or you aren’t good at painting, so I have a solution for you guys.

You can buy these earrings at the accessories section here.
To order drop a mail at charuta@modayalda.com

I hope you guys liked this DIY. I had so many requests for more DIYs on Moda Yalda.
I hope you like this one u I work until I work on more.
Don’t forget to comment and tell me.

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