What’s in my August Envy Box

| August Envy Box |

Envy box is a monthly subscription box that comes with three full sized beauty products each month along with two sample products. This month’s Envy Box came in a beautiful purple packaging. I received a total of five products in the box. I found this box pretty good because it introduced me to a lot of new brands and products. I am going to talk about each product and give my honest opinion.

Soultree Lipstick (Full Size)

I love lipsticks and I cannot lie, I was pretty excited when I received soultree lipstick in the shade Deep Blush. The sad part is that my lipstick had de-attached from its base when I received it. It is a moisturising lipstick with a creamy texture and the ingredients include organic sweet almond oil, honey with organic ghee and the pigments used in the lipstick are of natural origin. I do not generally like to use creamy lipsticks but I absolutely loved this one.
Quantity : 4.5gm
Price : INR 550

Sheer Secrets : Tranquility Facial Mist (Full Size)

The Sheer secrets facial mist is made from 100% natural ingredients and it feels refreshing on the skin. Silverated Lavender and Geranium extracts give it a very mild soothing fragrance. This is one of my absolute favourites from this month’s box. Also it is quite affordable, this definitely deserves a place in your beauty bag.
Quantity : 100ml
Price : INR 297

Iraa – Eye Serum (Full Size)

To be honest I was looking for a good eye cream for a long time now and this came as a saviour. I was introduced to this new brand called Iraa.Iraa Instarenew Multi Action Under Eye Cream has a unique blend of exotic Algae, Grapeseed, Cucumber and Shea butter. It is enriched with Vitamin E and has anti-ageing properties. This cream reduces puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. The best part is that it is a fragrance free formula.
Quantity : 20gm
Price : INR 490

Elixir Shop : Zaria Skin Brightening Serum (Sample size)

I am not a fan of brightening products and I thought this one would change my perception however it did not turn out that way. The Elixir has lavender and rosemary extracts, it starts by lightening the dark spots and blemishes and slowly evens out the complexion. I used it only once, the fragrance it too strong for me and it did cause a burning sensation around my eyes.
Quantity : 30ml
Price : INR 1800

Nyasa – Divine Lotus Body Lotion (Sample size)

I loved this yummy body lotion that contains Lotus extracts and Wheatgerm oil. It provides pretty good moisturization for normal skin leaving it supple and does not require re-application during the day. It is also has Vitamin E that promotes new skin cell growth.
Full Size : 145ml
Quantity : INR 425

That’s it for this month’s envy box.
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