AICW2015Day 2Gaurav GuptaRahul Mishra

AICW 2015 Day 2

Amazon India Couture Week
8: 00 PM : Rahul Mishra
9: 30 PM : Gaurav Gupta
“TREE OF LIFE” by Rahul Mishra
Day 2 at FDCI AICW started with Rahul Mishra’s Tree Of Life Collection. The Collection takes inspiration from the multitasking modern women in terms of strength and fragility. Inspired from centuries old Chintz textiles, the collection carries simplicity, which is represented through age-old craftsmanship in a modern progressive graphic style.
Revisiting the glorious era, the collection transverses from hand embroidered floral patterns to sheer handloom textiles to create a harmony between sharp tailoring and utlra lux sportswear. The collection comprises of contemporary elements put together for new age bride.
Bomber jackets and jumpers with lehangas and capes and jackets with sarees?
 Who thought this could work out perfectly?
The intricate hand embroideries are an outcome of concerted efforts of reverse migration craftsmen back into their villages from urban dwellings, to take a new step in producing Slow Fashion.
Rahul Mishra tells us that whites and minimal make-up look is here to stay the next season too.


 This ones my favourite. The color,the flow, the intricate flower embroidery and modern design.
“SILT AND CIPHER” by Gaurav Gupta
Sand so brilliant, reflective, mysterious and yet always at the verge of disappearing with one swish of wave. Silt and Cipher are sews itself along those lines. The clinched waist, the recurring peplum, many tiered skirts and costumesque volumes make their appearances. 
I am in love with Kalki’s dress. This dress is every modern girl’s dream. The waves and ripples of this dress reminds us of the beach, doesn’t it?
Structure and Drape juxtaposed throughout in Oil Blue, Glare Silver, Withered Peach, Just Nude and Tipsy Gold. There is extensive play of tone on tone and the almost botanical renderings of roots and oceans to make the gowns, sari gowns and lehanga gowns seem emerging out of elements.

The whites and Nudes are here to stay and so is the nude makeup. Both Ruhal Mishra’s and Gaurav Gupta’s models had nude lips and minimal makeup.
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I will be back tomorrow with AICW 2015 Day 2 updates.
Till then keep it stylish.

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